I participated wholeheartedly in my first course when I was 12 years old, learning methods to alleviate pain through touch and attention and at 16 I received a certificate in a foot, hand and head massage method.

I gave sessions to my and my mother’s friends and around this time I was introduced to the wonderful world of Dr Hauschka Natural Skin Care, a 100% natural and organic high-end range of skin care products and treatments.

After a period of exploration, in university and through travel, I returned to Dublin and began my training as a massage therapist. Following my graduation, I continued training in various health and wellbeing therapies, including Dr Hauschka therapy, while building my practice in Dublin.

After several years of successful practice my curiosity brought me into the art world and after completing a course in Textile Fibre Art in Dublin, I moved to Amsterdam to attend the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, a fantastically open, conceptual art school.

There I was free to pursue my ideas of bringing people to themselves through art.

I loved the opportunity to experiment in such an open and supportive environment and successfully graduated in 2015.

My first child was born a year later and when I returned to work after time with my young children, I chose to start my practice again.

I have a wonderful practice in the lovely Amsterdam neighbourhood of the Watergraafsmeer, where I offer sessions to allow people to connect deeply with themselves.

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