Treatments and Prices

Massage Therapy Sessions

Therapeutic massage eases tension and stress from the body while allowing deep rest,

the effects can be felt immediately and last for days, weeks even…

Regular massage helps one stay connected

which keeps us at our best.


150 minute session €150


120 minute session €125


90 minute session €100


60 minute session €75


 Using exclusive Body Oils from the Dr Hauschka range of high quality natural skin care.

All massage sessions can begin with an aromatic foot bath.



I offer a package of 5 massage sessions with a discount of €50, to be used within a year of purchase.



 Dr. Hauschka Natural Skin Care Treatments


Respectful skin care treatments, beautifully designed for you,

deeply relaxing and wonderfully effective.

 Classic Dr.Hauschka Treatment €110

allow 120 minutes

A luxurious, deeply relaxing facial treatment.
This treatment begins with an aromatic footbath,
leg, arm, and neck relaxation
followed by cleansing and masks
and includes lymph stimulation massage with fine brushes.

Rejuvenating Treatment €90

90 minutes

 A cleansing and relaxing facial
including masks,
lymph stimulation massage
and a foot bath.





Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Treatment €70

60 minutes

A purifying and refining facial
leaving your skin fresh and radiant.

Dr. Hauschka Hand Treatment €45

 45 minutes

The Dr.Hauschka Hand Treatment revitalises your skin,
leaving it feeling softer and smoother.
This treatment is especially helpful for aching joints, dry hands and dry, flaky nails.

Dr. Hauschka Foot Treatment €45

  45 minutes

Wellness begins with our feet.
The Dr.Hauschka Foot Treatment not only nourishes your feet and legs
but leaves you with a feeling of lightness and wellbeing.

Dr.Hauschka Body Treatment €95

90 minutes

A rhythmic full body massage,
using the range of Dr. Hauschka Body Oils.
Flowing movements and a vitality of contact rather than manipulative pressure,
lead to deep relaxation and new awareness.


I offer a package of 5 Dr Hauschka facial treatments with a discount of €50, to be used within a year of purchase.


Vouchers are available for gifts.

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